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    Casey is a Certified Paramedical Cosmetic Tattoo Artist with degrees in Art and Science. Casey not only specializes in Areola tattooing but addresses the issues at hand such as myofascial release, scar massage, scar tissue mobilization, body mechanics, structures of muscles and imbalances of body positioning.  His background in the medical field which covers physical therapy, oncology, and trauma, mixed with his artistic touch gets his clientele a complete look at aesthetics and proper balance of science and art.


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    The Utmost in Quality and Care are taken during all permanent cosmetic procedures. State of the Art techniques and products are used in our studio.  We adhere to all BBP protocols and strict environmental health guidelines are met. 

    Areola Tattooing
Skin / Scar Rejuvenation
Tattoo Removal


    One goal in mind


      Permanent Cosmetics

    Permanent Makeup

    Areola Tattooing

    Cosmetic Tattooing


    CW Cosmetic Tattooing
Paramedical Cosmetics, permanent makeup, areola tattooing, micro skin needling

    Areola Tattooing

    A Realistic approach to achieve balance and beauty, whether facing an asymmetry or matching an existing tissue or just a color boost.

     An artistic and aesthetically pleasing look is achieved with this advanced procedure of permanent cosmetics.

    MicroSkin Needling

    Reduce Fine-lines and wrinkles, Scars and pigmentation issues with permanent makeup.  This procedure is quick and easy with little to zero downtime.

    Tattoo Removal

    Bad desisions haunt you everyday? A Non Laser treatment that is designed to reduce/remove with better results compared to Laser and more cost effective.

    Permanent Makeup Services

    • Eyeliner
    • Lip Blush
    • Camouflage

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    CW Cosmetic Tattooing

    Paramedical and Cosmetic Procedures permanent makeup


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